Tuesday, May 17, 2005



(إلى كايوس)

إلى طفلتي رحمة..
لم أكن ألتفت لشيء سوى يديك النائمتين
حول "الدبدوب" المحدق بعينيه اللامعتين
ولم أكن أخاف شيئا سوى يقظتك بمفاجأة
الجحافل وهي تلتقطني.
أما الأثر الدامي على عظام الأنف الذي
لا تكفين عن السؤال حوله: فهذا هو الجواب:

(تصدير ديوان "احتفالات المومياء المتوحشة" – محمد عفيفي مطر)

Thank you Aladdin.....

I have the diwan......but please keep having more of Mattar's poems in your blog.....

Next time am in Cairo, I am planning to have more meetings with Mattar to continue our on-going dialogue, and may be you can join us then

(Emad too, of course...tell him to check his blog, I left him a comment there)
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I forgot ta ask you, if you live in Cairo? and if so if you are familiar with Diwan bookstore in Zamalek. They acarry an Arabic magazine called "Amkenah" (places)...if you have the chance to check Amkenah issue #5, I have an article in it called: "Sciroorah"....(becoming)

I would love to hear what you think of it.

If I were in Cairo at the moment, I would have given it to you as a present. Kefaya ya 3amm ennak fatte7 blog meyya meyya!!

by the way, ...Chaos in Arabic looks so much like Kaboos (Nightmare)...lol

OK, my friend, looking forward to your take on the "Sciroorah" article.

Hassan Fathy's experiment at Gournah was admirable indeed! But I am not vey impressed by many of his clones.
My relationship to Architecture is very experimental, and more in the Avant-Garde than the Traditional.

Those Post Modern guys are so out of touch now, although Charles Jenks has gone through a transformation of sorts in recent years, and he is now more of an advocate for "forward thinking architecture", which is euphemism for experimental and neo-neo-modern approach!

Post-Modern in architecture has a totally different connotation than its couterpart in literature or film or the arts in general. actually, in architecture, it meant going retro and was about revivalist approach of traditional "forms".

The architectural discourse in recent years has been going through a very sincere philosophical shifts. it is actually a very rich arena of thought and exploration of ideas that transcends the bounds of architecture.

you may detect the reasons for my interest in Philosophy and Science as major generators for architectural ideas.

Ok, my friend, there is always more and more to discuss, and it is quite an interesting phenomenon, how this blogging world create those endless strings (or threads) of interwoven subjects!

جميل يا علاء الدين بالطبع .. لست أنا التي تفتي في شعر محمد عفيفي مطر بأي حال من الأحوال (شكلك عاوز توديني في داهية!) ..

أعشق التفاصيل الصغيرة .. وأعشق القصيدة ذات العنصر الدرامي .. "رأيت" السطور التي وضعتها يا علاء .. ولم "أقرأها".. فهمتني؟

أتعرف أنني من هواة التصدير .. تلك الكلمات البسيطة التي تلقي ضوءا على "الإنسان" الذي تقرأه ربما بنفس درجة العمل ذاته. فكرة أن تهب كتابا لأحدهم أو لمجموعة من الأشخاص في حد ذاتها .. ياللروعة!

عادة ما تحبطتني قراءة الاسماء الكثيرة في الاهداء بالمناسبة، ربما هذا بسبب أني لم أكن من هواة دليل التليفون !

على كل، أتابعك باستمرار، و عقبال ما نقرالك تصدير !
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