Saturday, November 25, 2006


Still We Have One Moon To Share, Don’t We?

(For Zeina)
Once upon a time, in the land where the grass is green, in a country called “Mouseland,” there was a tiny mouse. Her name was “Nancy.” Nancy was kind, loveable and placid mouse. Nancy mouse lived in a
white small house up a green hill. She loved making dolls with pinky dresses. She would spend the whole day putting the yellow robes as hair on dolls’ heads, getting her dolls dress their velvet
skirts and white little pairs of shoes. She used to have a lot of cutie dolls all over her little room with a window that overlooks the big smiling moon and her sparkling sibling stars.

Every night Nancy mouse goes to sleep after a tiresome day of making dolls, she would not forget to say to the ever smiling moon: “nighty night Ms. Moon, nighty night cuddly stars. Sweet dreams!” One night Nancy mouse fell asleep after saying “nighty night” to her elder sister the Moon, and her starry youngsters. When she closed her eyes, she saw a beautiful boat with many travelers sailing in the very big sea. The boat visited many places in the world till it reached the land where the sand is yellow, Nancy mouse was fascinated by the beautiful sands and got down the boat. She walked and walked hugging her doll with yellow hair, a pinky velvet skirt and a white little pair of shoes. She went shopping and shopping and shopping, but she did not buy anything. At last, she went to a socks shop. There she found a pair of mousy socks.

On her way out the shop, she was happy with her new socks. She stumbled with a small monkey from the land where the sand is yellow, called “Tashgypt.” “Ooooppssss! Oh! Sorry!” said Nancy mouse. The small shy monkey replied: “never mind!” with a bid smile on his face. Nancy mouse asked him: “If you don’t mind, what’s your name?” “Maimoon. My name is Maimoon,” said the monkey. “Oh! But you speak Mousish quite well. It seems you’re a clever monkey,” said Nancy. Maimoon’s face turned red in shyness. At once, Nancy mouse gave her yellow-haired doll to Maimoon. “If you don’t mind, would accept this little pressy?” said Nancy mouse. Maimoon nodded in shyness to mean he would love to take Nancy’s present. “Pardon me, why your land is called Tashgypt?” said Nancy. Maimoon monkey replied, “It is because all monkeys in our land have moustaches.” “Brilliant!” said Nancy mouse. Then they said goodbyes, and left each other.

Maimoon monkey went back home near the Alligator River. He was very happy with his yellow-haired mousy doll present and a new true friend
from Mouseland. Before going to bed, Maimoon looked to the old smiling Moon and the stars and said: “nighty night Ms. Moon, nighty night cuddly stars. Sweet dreams!” He closed his small eyes and had a dream that he would see Nancy mouse once again, to give her a woolen pair of socks he had made especially for her. Suddenly, he woke up to find nothing but the cuddly yellow-haired mousy doll lying beside his sleeping bed.

Moral of the story: Do not miss the chance to show kindness to your true friends!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Macbeth ...abridged!

Of all [wo]men else I have avoided thee:
But get thee back; my soul is too much charged
With [memory] of thine already.

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