Saturday, May 21, 2005


حديث ابن شجيرة بالإنكليزية

(To Hamuksha)

In his seminal book “The Clash of the Aeroplane Against the Empire Twin Tower”, the American Arch-Patriarch reported that the (neo-) Roman Commander and the Chief of All (Americans/the world?) President George W. Bush said that: “the Sufi Egyptian is much better for U.S. than the Wahhabi Egyptian, both are no good though”. Unquote.

While in his book “News: Blogging Spectra”, the erudite scholar Hamuksha bin Al-Mudawwin (nicknamed as Blogger, Jr.) has assuredly documented the above statement. In the chapter dedicated to what he has documented of Bush’s statements, Mr. Blogger, Jr. stated that the exegesis of the Bush’s statement is “the reference to a herd of silly (Sufi) singers who just keep repeating the following: ‘We listen, and we obey. Grant us your forgiveness, (our Uncle/Lord), unto you is the journeying’, while Bush’s phrase “the Wahhabi Egyptian” can be interpreted to signify “a certain individual, a brilliant physician and the right arm of the Concrete Base/al Qaeda’s Chief Engineer and the Knight of God’s Avant-Gardes in the attack against the Empire twin tower”, Mr. Blogger, Jr. added, “this statement was reportedly said in a meeting held between the ‘Wise’ President Bush, Jr. and his senile comrade Mr. Donald Rumsfeld, a skilful surgeon too, to get him carry out accurate ‘surgical’ operations to decapitate the terror’s king and axe of evil Terminator bin Hussein the Terrorist. ‘Damned be the one who activates those sleeping terror cells! In the Hamu-rabbi (the Lord’s Father-in-Law) land.” Unquote.

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