Friday, June 10, 2005


To Whom It May "Concern"

(To the ‘memory’ of Medea)

1. Alone, laid I among debris of dreams
among wrecked
old boxes.
My nose is filled with the smell of pain
and the masts of emptiness.

2. Alone, came I over miles of ice
sagged under my memories
dragging my worn out feet.

3. I swam, with you, amidst the surges of space
and the ravages of time
they knocked me out
I bleed.
My blood adores you
and the tiny raindrops
dandling the baby
I see in your eyes
and in your heart’s
glassy window.

4. I sat, without you, upon the roadway of grief
moved by the twilight of your eyes
and the flashes of the dark city’s
wrapped by the warmth of your voice
it infatuated me.
Am I doomed to be tied
this lonely bed?

5. How often you come ashore to my heart,
to my ships…
how often you overwhelm the armless guard
how often I tell tales of my love
to my cities…
how often you rejoice – and I too
- my better half –
with love
that made me
… the best!


بصراحة يا علاء-اعجبتني قدرك علي الترجمة اكثر مما اعجبني النص
كويس يا لون ان في حاجة عجبتك!
Thanks for the translation!
It works in English just as well as it does in Arabic....
I just hope Medea is somewhere listening............
Thank you Chaos ... Yes, she has listened (a winking smiley here).
Oh, I read it before, but didn't know it was for your beloved :) eih waga3 el alb da :)) As much as I long to be in love again although I know it is hard, still I am so freaked out and not ready to go through another heartache. To7fa :)
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