Monday, July 25, 2005


A Deed without a name!

“A deed without a name” is a phrase spoken by the ‘secret, black, and midnight hags’ in one of Shakespeare’s bloodiest and darkest tragedies to describe their ever-damning witchcraft. Yes, ‘a deed without a name’ is what every sane Egyptian thinks of now as to describe no less bloody (terror)/witchcraft!

Sharm El-Sheikh (or ‘Sharm’ as we like to call or ‘nickname’ it, we tend to pamper our cities too?) is an Egyptian tale of unanimous resolve to turn a nameless village at the tip of a once-occupied Sinai into a world-class resort and a ‘historical’ city, a genuine ‘City of Peace’. Sharm was – in short – ‘hadouta masreyya’ in its own right.

And ‘Hadouta’ in our modern Egyptian tongue does not only entail a ‘tale’, but surely an ‘excellent’ one! We say or exclaim that “X is a hadouta’, when we want to praise X’s excellence or preeminence. It is the city with which a love story was born, every Egyptian ‘loves’ Sharm: those who work there, those who travelled there for their honeymoon, those who travelled there for a summer vacation, and even those who have never been there!

I still can graphically remember how proud I was when I was invited to work as an interpreter in an international conference held in one of Sharm’s 5-star hotels. When some VIP from the EU Commission declared that Sharm El-Sheikh may truly be classed amongst the world-class resorts, no less than the French Riviera, or even the pre-Tsunami Southeast Asian paradise-like beaches.

Yes, we need and will mourn, get angry, or light candles for the souls of the loved ones who lost their lives simply because it was ‘someone’ else’s decision to rip them of their dearest possession. But, would tears, screams, sighs, or even lit candles restore the dead, or stop this ‘someone’ from taking that ‘decision’ over and over again?

‘The Cancer is within”, thus spoke
ChõasGnõsis! We must engage in a serious process of self-scrutiny to dismantle the ‘cancerous’ cells, those cells which grow and grow silently and maliciously inside our body, till they get ‘us’ killed (without knowing the reason)!! However, our self-scrutiny process oughtn’t be a priori one, meaning that we shouldn’t be drifted into the easy direction of taking resolve to fight a religion-based terror. This would only keep us from observing other factors that are no less deadly. Religion, any religion, may be a fuel to holding arms against any their targets. I agree to this. Unfortunately, nothing can be more convincing than all the inter- and intra-faith wars all through the history of humankind!

On the other hand, the cancer from ‘without’ should equally be handled without falling in the trap of the silliest ‘paranoid’ conspiracy theories, to quote
Daniel Pipes. “The Pakistanis did it! The Jews! The regime itself did it!”, we exclaim. Conspiracy theories are not to be taken too seriously, nor too lightly. We have enemies, yes, but what are the real and/or potential capabilities of this ‘enemy’ to penetrate us? Are we so susceptible to further blows from this potential/real enemy? How can we be more immune to such (potential) blows in the future?

Diamond cuts diamond, that what people say. However, violence begets violence. It, surely, does NOT ‘cut’ it!! Whether it’s a form of terror fueled by any ‘reading’ into any faith or ideology or not, it shouldn't be dealt with 'counter-violence'. We must admit it is violence that is based on 'thought', whatever devastating this thought's consequences might be! In the world of ideas, the dialectical conflict between idea A and idea B will lead to the ‘survival’ of idea A if, and only if, it has proven to be ‘sounder’ and ‘mightier’. The law “survival for the ‘fittest’” applies to the world of ideas too!

Well said my friend!

If I may add that in times of crises, we should focus on the real problem and not be distracted or "divided" by any political considerations.

The struggle against tyranny, be it an oppressive regime or misguided religious ideologies, are equally critical. But those “cancerous cells” are more dangerous in the long run. And as you have very eloquently alluded to, conspiracy theories abound and too much focus on Mubarak’s cronies’ “mishandling of this or that situation”,….. ” outrageous disparity in treatment for foreigners and poor Egyptian locals” (as in: Sharm el-Sheikh Carnage, on baheyya’s blog), is not really facing the true problem head on. If anything, it distracts from it.

The blood and sanctity of the dead should never, never be politicized. We have to possess the necessary wisdom for when, and when NOT to attack the regime and expose their incompetence!

Even if the cancer is both, from within and from without, it is clearly the “within cancerous cells” that are the ones capable of inflicting more damage. They are not only robbing us of our liberties, our human rights, our political and democratic process, they robbing us of LIFE entirely.

They have no regard for LIFE, let alone our sweet and precious “Hadouta Masreyya” personified in SHARM. Theirs is only a story of death and destruction. My heart aches just thinking about their ignorance and utter stupidity.

There are no words to describe the agony of those who lost loved ones, in Madrid, London or Sharm. But in a sad way, Sharm’s events seem more painful, precisely because of her innocent “Hadouta”.

Again, well said my friend! and keep up the good work, we need more voices such as yours.
Excellent Aladdin. Well said. I tip my hat to you man.
Chaos, any time buddy!

Twosret: I'm always honoured to have you as one of my visitors and readers.
Note: the two photos in this post are taken from the internet, the second one (depicting debris in Ghazala Gardens hotel), is taken from the BBC website.
أرجعني المقال إلى التساؤل:هل البقاء للفكرة الأصلح؟ أم الفكرة التي لم تعد مجرد فكرة؟ و هل سنكتفي بالوقوف إلى جانب الفكرة الأصلح؟ أم سنخرجها يوماً من كونها مجرد فكرة؟

مجرد تساؤل
جيفارا: كما ذكرت في المربع الحواري في المدونة، هذه التدوينة "تتكئ" على ما كتبته انت وكايوس وواحدة مصرية وطق حنك وابن عبد العزيز.

باختصار، أردت أن أقول ألا نتسرع بإلقاء التهم على "شكل" بعينه من أشكال "الإرهاب" (الإسلاموي). أردت أن "أكمل" ما قاله كايوس وهو أن "السرطان" لا ينمو داخل جسدنا نحن فحسب، فقد تأتينا العدوى من "الخارج"،

مجيئها من الخارج لا يجب أن يجعلنا نقع في شرك نظريات المؤامرة. أؤيد واحدة مصرية - بشدة - حول "غباء" تعامل الجهاز الأمني المصري مع الإرهاب. فكما قلت "العنف لا يولد إلا العنف". الصراع - إذن - صراع "أفكار"، من الواضح أن "الفكر" الذي يشجع على الإرهاب (سواء كان هذا الفكر دينيا أم غير ذلك) لديه ما يكفي من "القوة" بحيث لا يزال يجد "مؤيدين" له (وإن لا يجرؤون على إعلان ذلك في علانية). الهدف كيفية القضاء على "الفكرة" أولا.

تساؤل: هل أدى "منع" كتاب "معالم في الطريق" لسيد قطب (والذي يقال إنه المرجعية الأساسية لدى جماعات الجهاد الإسلامية في تكفير النظم الحاكمة والحث على الإطاحة بها بالقوة) إلى "إلغاء" ذلك الفكر الذي أتى به الكاتب أو صاحبه أو مشايعيه؟
It has been alaways conflicts between ideas. my idea aginst yours. then using every legal and illegal way to prove mine. not only to prove it but to make you believe in it as i do. Enta m3aya walla m3a ennas etaneen.

But what make us try to impose our ideas? isn't it our ego? our minds?

any way i'd like to rewrite the sentence "Religion, any religion, may be a fuel to holding arms against any their targets"

i think it is "the way we understand religion may be a fuel to holding arms against any their targets"

this is my very own view which i offer and will never fight you to make you believe in it :))

about conspiracy theory, the one by mel gebson and julia roberts made me doubt. i should stop watching amrican movies
To quote Aladdin: "....only if, it has proven to be ‘sounder’ and ‘mightier’. The law “survival for the ‘fittest’” applies to the world of ideas too!..."

I think the main problem may also lie in ONLY "reacting" to other ideas to prove them wrong and misguided..being on the defensive...

The "ideas" of those terrorists should be countered by other ACTIVE and powerful ideas. It is not enough to just, passively and defensively, keep saying: Islam is a peaceful religion etc...Islam is
not a religion of terror...etc etc...

We have to seize the initiative and formulate powerful "ideas" that translate into action. That is the only way to be the "fittest"!
Bentmasreya: yes it is a conflict of "ideas", after all. But if these ideas can 'co-exist', this means we live in a liberal, democratic and 'pluralistic' world, or let me say a 'utopian' world?

Apparently, the terrorists are too narrow-minded to endure the "idea" of a pluralistic world. So, they seem to work on a dogged agenda to 'change' the world and reformulate it according to a ready-made model.

As for the 'religion' bit, I do agree with you. When you reread my post, you'll find that I'v said:

Whether it’s a form of terror fueled by any ‘reading’ into any faith or ideology or not, it shouldn't be dealt with 'counter-violence'".

Chaos basha: well said, as usual!

I'm for you in 'taking action' in our endeavour to make our 'idea' the fittest, simply because the terrorists are taking 'action' too!
survival for the ‘fittest’
So true..One should always stay in a good shape and fitness. Means You gotta work out your most 'burn' as much energy as possible..and make sure you lose all the extra heavy masses of bodies, that obviously that world doesnt need anymore..
And no more sugar on coffee ( if you put any) , as we should keep the bitter taste up..and you may try Atkins diet.. and you will just keep eating more and mooore protien..and we've already got plenty of a new humane brand...! see.. It's all about fitness and good shape.....Who's mentioned terror..??
رجيم قوم عند قوم إرهاب..
شكرا لك علاء. عبرت اصدق تعبير عن حجم الكارثة ودوافع مرتكبيها وما يتوجب علينا فعله لمواجهة الإرهاب الذي يقتل كل شئ جميل في بلادنا.
الحقيقة أنني لم ارتح كثيرا لأسلوب تعامل الجهات الأمنية في مصر مع ما حدث. كانت هناك تصريحات متباينة واحيانا متخبطة
بعض مسئولي الأمن تحدثوا عن مشتبه بهم باكستانيين وعندما احتج الباكستانيون سرعان ما سحب هؤلاء تهمهم
كنت بالمناسبة أتحدث منذ يومين مع صديق غربي عما حدث في مصر ولندن. وعما يتعين علينا نحن المسالمين فعله تجاهه. وقد فاجأني بإجابة اعتبرتها غريبة إلى حد ما. قال إن هدف هؤلاء هو بث الرعب والفزع في نفوس الناس والحكومات التي ستجد نفسها في النهاية مجبرة على سن قوانين وانظمة تقيد الحريات وتضيق على الناس. وافضل ما يمكن فعله في هذه الأثناء أن نمارس حياتنا بشكل طبيعي والا ندع الخوف يتمكن منا فنستسلم لاجندة الإرهاب والإرهابيين. يجب أن نظهر لهم – والكلام لا يزال للصديق – أننا لا نخاف قنابلهم ومتفجراتهم وأننا مصرون على المضي في حياتنا الطبيعية وكان شيئا لم يكن. طبعا أنا تفهمت كلامه إلى حد ما، لكنني كنت أدرك انه يتحدث عن بلادهم لا عن بلادنا. اذ ما هي الحريات التي عندنا والتي نخشى ان نفقدها لمصلحة الإرهابيين، والمؤكد أن الأمن في بلادنا هو أولوية تسبق ما عداها من اولويات وهموم، اما الحديث عن الحريات عندنا فهو حديث خرافة وهو ضرب من الترف كما يعرف الجميع. المصيبة أن مثل هذه الأعمال الاجرامية تسهم فقط في تغول الحكومات على شعوبها اكثر، وتعطيها الذريعة المناسبة لكي تقول للناس انتم بحاجة للأمن لا للإصلاح السياسي والاقتصادي ومطالبتكم بالإصلاح والحريات لا مكان لها من الاعراب طالما ان حياة الجميع مهددة
على أي حال، عذرا للاطالة وتعازيّ الحارة لعائلات الاخوة المصريين ولكل من طالته يد الإرهاب الآثمة سواء في شرم الشيخ أو في لندن او في سواهما
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