Friday, March 03, 2006


A moment of gratitude

A few days ago, I found a letter in my mailbox. I stared to find out that it was sent to me from one of my U.S. friends of academia. I never really expected to be mailed from this professor as I know too well his ever hectic work schedule! However, this 'thoughtful' man never ceases to show remarks of friendliness, mentorship and guidance to me when needed.

Dear Aladdin

Professor Houston Baker asked me to write and let you know how thrilled he was to receive a copy of your dissertation, A Criti-Cultural Study of Countee Cullen's On These I Stand. He is happy to have played some small part in its successful completion. It means a great deal to him to have a finished copy in hand.

Houston looks forward to reading through your work. He sends his best wishes to you and your family, and hopes you are headed for a wonderful 2006.


Lincoln Hancock
Assisant to Houston Baker

لو سمحت زورني هنا
I won't try to describe the moment in which u find out that some1 remembers u & cares to send u Hallos, esp. if u don't expect that. Just as U, one day I found a letter saying halloos & best wishes….etc, from some1 who saw me & talked with me once!!
Of course, it wasn't from my professor

It's such pleasant & lovely feeling Ya 3ala2, one can do nothing except seizing that unforgettable moment.
It's nice that you realized the reason why I did made this post!
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