Saturday, September 02, 2006


Love's Apotheosis

Love me. I care not what the
circling years
To me may do.
If, but in spite of time and tears,
You prove but true.

Love me - albeit grief shall dim
mine eyes,
And tears bedew,
I shall not e'en complain, for then
my skies
Shall still be blue.

Love me, and though the winter
snow shall pile,
And leave me chill,
Thy passion's warmth shall make
for me, meanwhile,
A sun-kissed hill.

And when the days have length-
ened into years,
And I grow old,
Oh, spite of pains and griefs and
cares and fears,
Grow thou not cold.

Then hand and hand we shall pass
up the hill,
I say not down;
That twain go up, of love, who've
loved their fill, -
To gain love's crown.

Love me, and let my life take up
thine own,
As sun the dew.
Come, sit, my queen, for in my
heart a throne
Awaits for you!

Paul Laurence Dunbar(1872-1906)

a lil bit of romance was needed :)
u're blog has been rough for a long while.. way to go dear !
nice poem btw.. m3 en fi kalam keber matefhamosh el 3alam el 3'er mosakafa eli zaii !
Love me - albeit grief shall dim
mine eyes,

ya 3einy!! la 7elwa begad! and too romantic! :))
fe 7ad belromanseya de we yab2a esmoh abo farwa?!!!
7lwa begad
ابو فروة

تحية عاطرة ـ يؤسفنى ان اقحم موضوع خارج وبعيد عن موضوع الحوارـ لكن محتاجين رايك ـ فارجو ان تسامحنى

تعليقات مدونة التليفون لنزار قبانى
وصلنى السؤال الاتى من ايام بيقول ـ تخيل نزار عاش فى أمريكا ياترى كان ح يكتب حلو قوى زى كده برضه
فهل ممكن سيادتك تشرفنا بلاجابة وياريت يكون عندى كتعليق منك علشان الموضوع يكتمل فى نفس المكان وتعم الفائدة للجميع والف شكر مرات ومرات
abo farwa maba2ash yerod 3alina !
Lovely and nice...
Bat: yes, I guess so! I realized I had 2 address more readership! Glad u liked poem ..(dont 4get ur promise concerning the secretary, eh?)

Epi: Dunbar is of the finest African American poets, his love story with his ex-wife Alice Dunbar is well-known among African American literary biographies. He's such a sensitive man!

Kalbouza laken sambatik: shoof ezaaay!! Momken law mesh 3agbek 'abu farwa' ne3'ayyaru wen7'alleh 'peanut' mazan?!!! thanx 4 ur compliment as far as the poem is concerned!

جدو العزيز: آسف جدا على عدم الرد بسبب مشغوليات ربنا العالم بيها ... متصدقش بطابيط اني اتغيرت واتغريت وعايز سكرتيرة (ولو انه يا رييييييييت على اساس تاخدي لي المواعيد مع الصحافة والمدونين وتعلق على الناس في البلوج، الخ). بس أنا مش ناسيك والله.

Mr Abu Farwa, all I can say is that "words will never die till the end of time". Good choice. The usage of old words make one fly on the wings of love, Eggplant lover :)
Mr. Winternight: Glad u got outta ur 'Floydian' ghetto 2 the broader blogosphere. I hope your blog has as many visitors as possible cos I believe in you an eminent translator of poetry! The secret behind that is the 'eggplant' for sure! hehehehhehehehehhehehe
Then hand and hand we shall pass
up the hill,
I say not down;

love me
love me
love me

senstive choice alaa
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