Saturday, March 24, 2007


My friends: Tony and Cliff

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امل كبير جدا ان ييجى يوم الفار والاسد يكونوا اصحاب.
تفتكر بكرة هيبقى فيه حاجة اسمها اصحاب او صداقة؟
هما أصحاب بالفعل! رغم الاختلافات الكبيرة والكثيرة بينهما، المهم إن كل واحد فيهم بيحترم التاني وحاسس بأهميته في حياته.
Thank,s for you work and have a good weekend
and that's an achievment in itself!! long as one is comfortable, you know..and finds relief..! this is a blessing! masha Allah :)
David Santos: Thanx, would like to comment on your work, too, but unfortunately I know no Portugese!!

Epitaph: I didn't really understand what you meant, but I assumed it's something nice. Thank you!
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